none of that is futile

Baton Pass is, as you may have noticed, a Pokémon move, which takes its name from an element in sprint relay races. A relay is run as a team, with each runner handing off — passing — the baton to the next runner. In a relay, each member’s individual contribution affects the team’s overall performance, whereas in the Pokémon games, the Baton Pass move switches out the currently active Pokémon while passing all stats increases and decreases on to the next.

What makes Kyoko so memorable is the way she is woven into the story despite no longer being physically around. Unbeknownst to her, her spirit and wisdom continue to guide plenty of others through various channels in various ways. That wisdom as well as the person she had become are a result of her own experiences as she grew up, and, as Kyoko herself said, both the positive and the negative are important for one to grow as a person. “None of that is futile” — and truly, Kyoko didn’t just pass on her experiences. Kyoko lives on in those experiences, continuing to nurture those in need.

Kyoko is someone who, after the turning point in her life, always strived to give her best, running with all her might so as to live life to the fullest. Along with her experiences, it is that enthusiasm, courage and perseverance that she passed on most of all. And when she is gone, Tohru and Arisa, the ones who have inherited the most of Kyoko, are in her place to continue her work. It is in that way that humans live on, and that is something to cherish.