Having revisited Fruits Basket many times over the years, I have come to see it in part as a story of generations or of cycles: of a God and a returning banquet, of the emotional rift between some of the older zodiac spirits (Hatori, Ayame, Shigure and Kureno) and the younger ones (Yuki, Momiji, Rin, and so on), of the Cat that has always been cursed to live a life of suffering, but also of what humans pass on and leave behind. There are returning elements on both the side of the zodiac and the side of humans, and the two sides are represented by Akito Sohma and Tohru Honda (and to an extent Kyoko) respectively. Following that, the showdown between Akito and Tohru at the story’s climax is inevitable.

What I’m presenting to you next is a juxtaposition of the two narratives not just to discuss their parallels, but also to explain Kyoko’s crucial role — one of her many roles — in the grand scheme.

The Curse — unchanging for all eternity
Differences — let us accept that all things end
Similarities — opposed yet alike
Letting Go — I’ll be going now
Encore — a promise revisited