Kyoko may have passed away, but her spirit lives on in the wisdoms she passed on and the bonds she forged and nourished in her lifetime — more precisely, she lives on in the loved ones she left behind. A major part of Fruits Basket is learning and teaching others how to be kind to yourself and those around you, how to find and see the good and life and how to (re)gain the strength to keep fighting, to walk towards future happiness.

Below is a broad selection of lessons Kyoko taught various characters, many of them to or through her daughter Tohru. Where Kyoko has personally touched someone in one way or another, her bond with that person is addressed as well; after all, Kyoko’s story, her personality and her philosophies are conveyed to the reader through the memories others have of her due to how she has influenced them. That influence makes up a large part of Kyoko’s introductory portrayal in the first part of the series.

How the advice Kyoko gives others pertains to herself is explored under Finish Line.

Kindness — no heart is the same as another
Childhood — preserve those feelings in your heart
Childishness — admitting is a sign of great courage
Affection — because you exist
Bonds — something will always remain

Arisa Uotani — delinquent pasts
Kyo Sohma — familiar loneliness