finish line

Kyoko’s presence is something that undoubtedly shapes not just Tohru, but the series itself. To me, it’s remarkable that someone who only exists in flashbacks manages to contribute so much to an ongoing story, and eventually comes to represent the series as a whole. It is with good reason that the conclusion of Kyoko’s story serves as a bridge in the last volume, symbolically seeing all the characters off as they “graduate” and set out on their new paths.

Where Resonance focuses on the entirety of Fruits Basket’s narrative, in the following, everything on Baton Pass comes together to be examined as part of its themes, thus illustrating why Kyoko fits seamlessly into the big picture and why it is that she’s an essential part of the series.

Symbolism — to live means to adapt
Comparative Romance — because you cried
Parenthood — never forget your own childhood
Message — everyone has to lose their way once